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shut a chemical agent used in world war i resurfaces. the place where it was found isn't a vice but for some people living in the area, it is a cause for concern this morning. another heatedown hall meeting on health care, this one in maryland. much like the rest going on across the country. and now one industry insider is giving his take on the rumor
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that some of the angriest voices in these audiences are planted. fox 5 morning news continues right now. #:00 straight occupy this thursday, august 1th. a live look outside as a lot of folks head to work this morning. it look like it will be a fairly decent day out there today. we're glad that you could be along. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tony perkins with us as always this morning. >> not a bad start to the day. got a little bit of a breeze. temperature are comfortable this morning. humidity is up there as it has been but today overall won't be bad. i by showg g inyby showing you and we've talked by a floodwatch in effect to our east. ehe t rain or mh ucof much of the rain that we've seen duringourse othee c la t s farw o far back does oe this go? 4 hours. has been to the theast. er the period of a fewaie rn or
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el the east up report rtreof woo toa ofwof -inch amount well off the east. generally speaking, from a quarter inch totone and a f es chin. so that is chwh y, withthe popossibility of some more scatted showers and thunderstorms over there, we could see some flooding here and there. now, let's get to the graphics. right now, reagan national airport, 7 # degrees. relative humidity is up there at 84%. there is that slight breeze out of the north at sssick miles pe hour naithis morning but there n ore sdse oucltoou the east f th itcy and we could see -- those clouds are align wade frontal system. weoulds e ea few more showers and thunderstorms pop up later on today. i think primarily to the east and maybe a few popping up in the mountains out to the west. partly sunny, 0 to 30% chance of widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. highs in the mid-80s. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's say good morning once again to julie wright with a
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look at traffic. >> howdy. how about we do howdy. do you do howdy? >> howdy, julie. >> on the roads, we're in the too busy right now. we have lanes open as you travel between oxon hill and alexandria. top side of the beltway not so busy yet. we have lanes open as you travel between college park and bethesda. it is 270 where you will find the ramp closed to exit onto eastbound middlebrook road. we do have wires down at observation drive and that puts it right in the middle between 355 and 270. we have it shut town with wires -- down with wires across the highway. if you are traveling northbound on 270, you are denied access to exit onto eastbound middle brook road. that is exit 1 a. can you exit onto 13 b. can you do that. it is just the eastbound side of the road that is blocked. coming off of 355, you are denied access to go west on 270
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at this time. no accidents to report on 395. the lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a dangerous chemical agent turns up in northwest d.c. and today, delegate eleanor holmes norton will meet with the army corps of engineers to get a metiline for the clean-up. the flask with traces of the chemical agent mustard surfaced on glenbrook road in spring valley, a community familiar with the search for chemical munitions. con woman norton says congress will make sure the army corps of engineers remains at the site until the clean-up is complete. >> we saw them leave twice and had to call them back. therefore, they're here for the duration. >> the army corps says the flask did not pose a risk to the neighborhood. previous tigs at the site have uncovered hundreds of bombs and mortar shells. most were not considered to be threats. new this morning, protests over potential plans to try
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guantanamo bay detainees in alexandria could be getting somewhere. the "washington post" is reporting that the obama administering is now looking into holding the trial in newport news, virginia. the city's federal courthouse was built using anti-terror standards including blast resistant walls. however, the trial could still be held in alexandria's federal courthouse but there have been concerns raised about security for the heavily populated area that surrounds that courthouse. a fairfax native charged in a terrorism case has been fou guilty. he was convicted of providing material support to terrorists. evidence against him included videos confiscated if him showing american targets of tax including several d.c. landmarks. he represented himself during the trial but he will not be able to do so again at the appeal. he had seniors on edge for nearly a year and today the man convicted of targeting the women will learn his fate.
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he will be sentenced for 14 charges including murder. one of his victims died from her injuries. prosecutors are pushing for a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. the mystery behind a missing d.c. mother could be ended now. her family is convinced that a body discovered in i wadded area on m street is that of tiffany. they say the victim was wearing the same kind of clothes and had the same tattoo that tiffany had. police have not made a positive identification or released an official cause of death. some of another big stories we're following, federal officials investigating metro's deadly train crash in june are backing off of statements made last week about when they learned of previous problems. according to the post, a spokesperson for the ntsb first said they learned of issues with the train's automated safety system just last week. now, they say a metro employee spoke about the incident a day after the june 22nd crash.
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a crash was avoided on march 2nd after a train operator used an emergency brake to avoid hitting another train. there is more outrage at heated town hall meetings on the inof health care. >> he is taking over everything. >> this was the scene in hagerstown ate town hall meeting hosted by maryland senator ben cardin. democrats claim some of the angry audience members are planted to derail the plan. and at least one former health insurance executive says he wouldn't put it past the industry to do the same. wendell potter used to do public relates for cigna. he said it wasn't unheard of for the health insurance industry to give money to groups and leave it to ose groups to fight issues like health care reform. he was president bush's second in command and the subject of the frequent criticism. >> now, former vice president dick cney is getting ready to give his take of his time in
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the oval office. also ahead, 259 people, most americans, all died when their plane exploded over scotland more than 0 years ago. why the man convicted in the attack could soon go free. that is coming up. 
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making headline at 11 minutes after #:00 this morning, there will be a public farewell for eunice kennedy shriver today. thousands are expected at a wake in cape cod near the family's compound in hyannis port. there will be a private funeral mass tomorrow. mrs.shriver founded the special olympics and is the sister of president john f. kennedy and senator ted kennedy. dick cheney has apparently decided to make his memoir a tell all. the book will cover his long career from chief of staff under president gerald ford to vice president under president bush. the "washington post" reports that cheney will be critical of the adminisring and reveal some secrets.
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the memoir is not going to hit stores until the spring of 2011. the man convicted of bombing 2011 -- pillsbury toaster strudel.
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a creive tribute to michael jackson cacross rothe c as dancers will perform at four locations set to the hit shake your body down to the ground. and get warmed up now. if you happen to catch one of these shows, they will be hooking for you to join in. so tony, we'll look for you. >> i'll be out this. >> won't that be fun. if you're just walking down the
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street and you see these people dancing around. you think what in the world is going on around here? >> we got to get the video together. we'll shownfully show it to you tomorrow -- hopefully show it to you tomorrow. >> was the weather looking like? gentleman still a little activity in the tropics. but nothing to hang our hat on. we'll start with that just to shake things up a little bit. want to give you a little refresher, remind ore once we get any named storms, if we do, these rts official names for this season, ana, the first one, we haven't had ana yet and so without ana, we haven't had any of the rest of these storms. mundy, knack las, victor, wanda among the storms we'll see this year. we're watching. there is a little something happening down to our south and east but for the much there. across the atlantic, this is tropical depression number two. we told but this one, tropical depression number 2, still not
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a named storm. they are still watching it. it is losing some of its strength now but it is still possible it could become a tropical storm. if it does, it will be ana. maximum sustained winds are 30 miles per hour. yesterday morning, they were 35 miles per hour. here is a look at at radar in our region. we have showers including some areas of heavy rain off it the east around annapolis overnight. all of that precipitation has now pushed off. mainly, it is off the coast. we'll see a little bit of activity in northeastern maryland and up towards new york city and long island and places like that. 71 in new york city. norfolk, virginia is at 74 degrees. forecast for washington for today, a partly sunny day. a little bit of a breeze. widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. about a 20 to 30% chance of that. they will pop up here and there. but some of you won't get any precipitation. 85 for your high. here is your five-day forecast tomorrow, similar, mid-80s,
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chance of showers and thuerstorms. over the weekend, chance of showers and thunderstorms. warmer, more humid, high into his the upper 80s. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, we get more on his were monthing's rush hour traffic fromjulie wright. >> all right. that stretch of middle brook road remains closed between 355 and # 70 due to wires down across the highway over at observation drive. again, the ramp from northbound 270 to exit at middle brook road and head east is closed. from 355, you cannot head west on middle brook road. we do have police forcing everyone to make a u-turn at the scene. no accidents to report on the freeway. however, traveling from the eastbound freeway into the northbound third street tunnel, we do have word now of a stalled car right at the beginning of that ramp. heads up thraws try to work your way over towards outbound new york avenue. kenilworth avenue moving smoothly. no incidents to report south of 50 headed down towards pennsylvania avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. jetblue is offering a deal
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for frequent flyers or if you just want to take a bunch of trips real soon. for$599, you can buy an all you can jet pass. that will allow to you fly as many times to all of jetblue's destinations between september 8th and october 8th so of a got about a month. there are a few catches including cancellation fees so if you book it, you better go. no matter which airline you fly, you will notice a change the next time you book a flight. starting on saturday, you have to give your birth date and gender. it's way to clear up confusion for passengers whose names might watch those on terror watch lists. we'll talk more about this in our 8:00 hour. up next, our business beat. we'll tell you why there could be a shortage of some of your favorite sweets. we want to reamanda you to come out and say hello to holly, tony and tucker at eastern market this saturday from 10:00 to 1:00 so come on out and meet and greet.
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home foreclosures hit another record last movement realty track reports a 3 #% jump np foreclosure filings from july of 2008. more than 360,000 home long loans and foreclosure filings last month. that includes notice of default, auction and repossession. no candy bars, no cookies, no cake. some say we could soon be facing a serious sugar shortage. first though, it was a pretty sweet day for the market. lets head up to chris cotter to break it down if us. let's talk about what happened in the markets after a couple of bad days. we had a good one. >> yeah, it looked like other monday and tuesday being we talked about ten was kind of wait for the fed announcement yesterday and so selling off stocks, hard to find a buyer here and there. we found buyers early in the
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day. they start the buying before the announcement came out yesterday afternoon and bought all of the way through. we finished the day up 120 points. we are up 175 at one point in time and we recrested that 1,000 number in the s&p and we were able to hold it. again, that is an important level of support now. let's see if we can stay above 1,000 on the s&p. and i mentioned the fed. that was the big reason. when they came out with the minutes announcement in the afternoon, no rate change. that was expected. no inflation in the near term so rates probably will not be -- they wouldn't raise rates until next spring at the earliest. you are looking at them stopping this program of buying long-date the treasuries. they will to that through october. they did that to keep longer temperature rates down to spur the economic growth, to spur recovery. mortgage rates, for example, they'll stop doing that. i expect mortgage rates to start ticking up a little bit. you saw longer dated treasuries questioned get up when they made that announcement.
6:25 am
>> is that an indication that the downturn we'ven seeing is starting to finally stabilize a little bit? >> it is more of an indication from the feds that they feel like the economy is stabilizing to the point where they can now start pulling in the reins of all of these unusual programs that they put into place like this $300 billion facility to buy treasuries. they can cut that down. they an cut some of these others before they have to raise rates. that will be the last thing they do. >> we've got to talk about what is going on with the sugar shortage. we were joking about it the other day but not a laughing mat fore a lot of companies that rely on t. >> in a letter to the secretary of agriculture, you have a big company like craft and mars and hershey saying unless we do something here on the government level about the sugar rice we have to pay, we'll have to either raise prices for the consumer are or start cutting back on labor costs.
6:26 am
we don't want that in this environment. sugar is ated a 29-year high right now globally and in the states, there are tariff restrictions on how much sugar the company can buy from abroad and there are unflatted prices for domestic produced sugar buzz of federal programs. in many cases, a company like hershey may pay twice as much for its sugar as it does going market rate on the global market. so they're saying hey, cut us some slack here otherwise, we have to pass this on to the consumer. >> we don't even think about that. you think about gas price going up but not the cost of sugar too. >> you think about gold and oil and those prices. we don't think about sugar. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> okay. still ahead, not a movie plot. asteroids are taking aim at the earth. we'll show you what one thing
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stands in the way of protecting the earth from this threat.
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he terrorized elderly women in a series of home invasion and today, he will be sentenced for 14 charges including first degree murder. apparently hog tied and bound four women in montgomery county between november of 2007 and september of last year. one victim died from her injuries. prosecutors are pushing for a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. concern for some d.c. residents as a task with traces of the chemical agent mustard turned up in northeast d.c. on glenbrook road. people want to know why they weren't warned earlier. this is in the spring valley
6:31 am
neighborhood. we'll have more in a live report coming up. the redskins kicking off their pre-season schedule tonight. the battle of the blaze. redskins travel to baltimore to take on the rav an. big names not playing include albert haynesworth and employment portis and also santana moss will likely skip the game tonight and be back in action in the season. >> game conditions looking all right for tonight? >> i haven't been looking at it but it should be okay. it will be warm be maybe a pop- up shower or something hike that. not bad. let's take a look at what is happening with our radar here at home. we do see some precipitation. that blip that is showing up to our north and east, that is nothing. hat is just what we call garbage. out to the east, that is where we're seeing some pretty good rainfall but it is all off the coast at this hour. it is really intensifying.
6:32 am
some stormy conditions off the the coast. right now, reagan national, 7 # degrees. winds are out of the north at eight miles per hour. your day planner for today, partly sunny skies. -- right now, reagan national, 73 degrees. chance of widely scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and eke. coming up in 15 minutes, today appear ask the weather guy. i'm in the going to answer the question. tuckers not going to answer the question. we have someone here who will though. stay with us for that. >> okay. steve and i are looking at each other. i hope it's in the me. >> maybe it will be julie wright. >> could be. >> let's check in with her right now. >> if it is me, it has to be about tanning or food. that is the only thing i know about. >> and traffic. >> oh, yeah, the traffic thing. i don't know nothing about money. i don't know nothing about babies. top side of the beltway, the
6:33 am
outer loop slowing as you make your way headed into silver spring. better news about observation drive. it had been shut down because of wires across the highway. that portion of the highway has been reopened once again. so observation drive reopened between 270 and 355. 395 working yo way northbound north of duke street heavy and steady as you continue north of landmark headed up towards seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it is a dangerous and potentially deadly chemical agent used back in world war i, certainly not omnghiet s you would wainntrntug up in your or. hbho it can cause chemical burns, temporary blindness and long after the injuries have healed, the risk of cancer is much orthose imxfe exposed to it. yet, the army corps of engineers recently found this mustard agent in a long-running clean-up it has been conducting n northwest d.c. they say the surrounding community was in the at rusk but people still want answers including why it
6:34 am
took so long for them to found out that the flask containing the chemical agent has been found at the site. >> john henrehan joins us now with more. >> reporter: we are on glenbrook road in the spring rally neighborhood. the army corps has been digging for months be madeleine albright years. they did find a precursor to the agent of mustard gas. eleanor holmes norton has scheduled a meeting with the army corps of engineers. she wants the army to commit to say in the neighborhood and clean up the chemicals and munitions. >> we saw them leave twice, had to call them back. therefore, they are here for the duration. >> reporter: here what is was found in e house here in
6:35 am
spring valley earlier this month. it was a flask with a solid substance at the bottom, an uncorked flask. testing showed that that solid substance is the chemical mustard used to make husband tarred gas almost a century ago. the army corps of engineers said they had air monitors at the digging site and the air monitors never went off. therefore, they think there has been no danger to the public. remember, nearly 100 years ago, this land originally owned by american uversity was turned over to the army. this was a rural area. there was nothing but hills an woods here and they used it as a proving ground and chemical ground for munitions and dangerous chemicals. and over the last 16 years, we have done numerous stories. the army keeps fining stuff here and they found that flask on august 4th. yesterday, they alerted the neighborhood that it was mustard. they think no one was in danger. but before the army continues
6:36 am
gging at this home, they will re-evaluate the current safety procedures in effect. we may know more later today after delegate norton meets with the army and talks with them about what is going on here in spring valley. >> thank you. when did federal investigators know about metro's march #nd avoided train crash? originally, federal officials said they were only made aware last week but now according to the "washington post," a spokesperson for the ntsb says a metro miee actually talked about that incident one day after the june 2 #nd deadly crash. a -- june 22nd deadly crash. a plea for help to find out what happened to a d.c. mother. tiffany halsey disappeared nearly three weeks ago. her family is convinced a body discovered in a wooded area on m street over the weekend is tiffany. they say the victim was wearing the same kind clothes and had the same tattoo that tiffany had. police have not mad a positive
6:37 am
identification. local investigators wanted you to be aware as you park ur arrest today. >> in the last month alone being thieves have broken into vehicles in garages in silver spring 0 time. matt ask land has a report. >> reporter: what you are looking at is exactly what montgomery county police want you to avoid, leaving your gps out in full view. they say it is basically just an invitation to a thief to smash your window and take your valuables. >> i backed all the way up to where they can't swing the doors open to get in it. >> reporter: barry willis tells us he is not going to be next victim. he carries thousands of dollars in tools in his truck and he already knows of five people would have been ripped off in this garage. >> it happened in 45 minutes. it was like guys had parked their car and came back out and they had been broken into in 45 minutes. >> reporter: police aren't sure who is to blame. is it one person, a group?
6:38 am
investigators can't figure it out. >> theft from vehicle is the most common crime in montgomery county. >> reporter: so police handed out these flyers at silver spring public garages. the don't for get program warning drivers to put away all items, he is push hi electronics. >> what we found is that even if you lock your car, if you leave a laptop computer sitting out, a thief is going to break a weekend owe to get in and take it. >> reporter: there are nine public garages in the silver spring area. in the near future, police plan so step up surveillance but barry willis says he is not leaving it up to the police. he plans to double-check the inside of his suv before he gets out. >> anything, any electronics, any wallet, any little pack of credit cards is going to be a draw for whenever is doing this. they are going for things of value. >> reporter: so far, it seems like this program is working. in fact, we walked through this entire parking garage today and only found one car that had a
6:39 am
gps in sight. matt ackland, fox 5 news. it opportunity matter when you park. the break-ins have been happening at all hours of the day and night the you are your car's best defense. police say some of the victims have left their cars unlocked. >> in the a good idea. your job, your health, both normal things to worry about. >> one concern on the back burner now is probably asteroids. not for nasa. they have to stop them before they hit earth. one thing that istanding in the way is kind up for debate now. we'll talk about it coming up. spar 
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sit new york officials have slapped a fine on the american medical an life insurance company and pulled its ad prom is i go peace mine for just $5 a day. many people have been paying
6:43 am
hundreds of dollars a month only to have the company pay just a fraction of hospital bills. some of those bills in the tens of thousands of dollars. the company is licensed to sell policies in dozens of states and the district of columbia. the freedom tower in new york city continues to take shape. yesterday, workers set a 70-ton piece of steel into place. this is the largest column installed so far. the new freedom tower will be 1776 feet tall when come heated. it is expected to be finished in 2018 but a memorial should hope in 201. an islam friendly swimsuit may have opened a new chapter in france's struggle with religious clothing. a woman wearing a burquini was banned. only figure hugging suits are permitted, no baggy clothes. the 5-year-old woman is
6:44 am
claiming discrimination. -- the 25-year-old woman is claiming discrimination. there has been a lot to celebrate if space. >> nasa says there is cause on concern about asteroids. they say there is no doubt a giant space rock will hit the earth some day. >> reporter: a spectacular show minister sky tuesday night, a meteor shower that could be seen by the naked eye. nasa is looking for much big are rocks in the sky, those on a collision course with planet earth. experts are saying it is not a question of if, but when. >> there is a 100% chance that the earth will be hit by an asteroid. there is not a question in the world. >> reporter: so four years ago, congress ordered the space agency to locate 90% of the potentially killer asteroids by the near 020. but a new report from the national academy of sciences says lawmakers never gave nasa the money to build the necessary telescopes to do the job. despite the lack of funding, d of its it has completed
6:45 am
assignments with the telescopes they have in place. the report also found the u.s. government is practically the only government in the world doing anything at all to spot these potential killer rocks. >> sievnce erybody is at risk, everybody on thering is a stakeholder in this issue, everybody has to have a chop on it. >> reporter: according to nasa it would cost about $800 million to spot all the asteroids congress wants them to track. with just $300 million, that is say says it could find most asteroids big he than 1,000 feet across. experts sanasa may never get the money. it is somewhat of a lame duck program and there is not a big enough group pushing for the funds. >> wouldn't that be just a waste of money anyway, if you are going to go track every asteroid where especially if you are only tracking 90% of them. >> if you are going to put the money ou let's get it right.
6:46 am
>> you track them and one is heading for you, then what. >> you have to make sure effect is covered here. >> what is going on? >> we'll start with your weather headlines. pay attention to these because it will tell you was coming up during the next couple of days. for today, not too bad. a scattered storm later on today. mid-80s return. humidity remains. warmer weather. monday a joint asteroid destroys the earth so i wouldn't worry. it just ties into the last story. don't worry. 69 in baltimore. dulles at 72. hagerstown, 67 degrees at this hour. here is a look at your satellite-radar for the region. we have clouds there primarily to the east. out to the west, you see more sunshine early this morning. there is some precipitation. that is to the east. this is perfectly aligned with a stationary front that is to
6:47 am
our south and east. it is just stalled out there. you look in d.c., we saw some showers including heavy showers overnight. that is nothing that is showing up right there. a couple of little spots of madge down moisture down to our south. here is your forecast for washington for today. about a 30% chance so not everyone will see it. 85-degree for yoncurhigh. five-day forecast, over the course of the weekend, we'll see warmer temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. and again being every did i a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. monday, don't worry. no asteroid. high, 88 degrees the way it look right now. all righty. that is the weather. time now for ask the weather guy. it is the suggestment where tucker barnes and i put our big, geeky weather heads together to we are your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today, stony simmons writes, hey, on this season of 4, i noticed two fox 5 anchors doing the news on the show.
6:48 am
it was shawn ynsy and your buddy steve chenevey. wanted to know how they were chose ton do the appearances or did all of you audition for it and they beat you out with their auditions. first of all, no reason to get nasty there at the end implying that tucker and i have no talent. >> what about me? >> or gurvir. we know you no. >> oh! >> i'm kidding. first of all, if you miss it, let's get another look at that appearance. steve was on 24 this season. >> so little doubtful that anyone sleeps very well in d.c. tonight. a certain calm has is the settled over the streets of capitol hill after an unprecedented series of terror attacks left people all over country shake and demanding answers swrasm very cool. shawn ynsy yancy did it also. >> how did it come to be? >> first of all, tony, for you writing if. i was surprised how many people
6:49 am
contacted me and saw it. tony, very good to catch that with shawn and myself. but brian boulter had not one but two appearances on 4 this season. it was a whole fox thing. a lot of people don't understand the rigorous audition process that it was. we had to go to los angeles and go head to head with anchor all over the country and it came down to me and brokaw and they went with the younger demographic. no, it was a very simple process. if you watch the show, they did the show based in washington, d.c. this year. so they just wanted to use local taal antiand they went to the local fox affiliate which was us to do it. it came down to the boss saying hey, do you want to do it? when the boss asks, you say -- >> hey, why not. >> i have a follow-up question. did you get paid for that gig? >> i was able to buy lunch and two cups of coffee j he has to get paid. it's union gig. >> yeah.
6:50 am
>> so it was whatever the scale was. and no residuals. so if they show it a thousand times. >> so did you it here. >> this is what a lot of people had asked. it was kind of cool the way they did it. we actually did it rht here sitting in this chair and filmed the whole thing right here on our set. same background that you see here but what happened is that, when we shipped everything everything off to los angeles, then they used their green screens and their computer technology and they changed everything around. so what you saw when i did it was the standard fox newschannel news background that they inserted behind me. and when brian did it, they made it for their other competing network news background that 24 kind of created on their own. we shot it here. >> you are part of show and you will be on the dvd collections. >> that is the thing. i blew the whole paycheck having to go buy the dvd so i could have it. i will say because we did it
6:51 am
here and we did d. a script. they isn't a script, i rewrote it. not a lot of acting ability involve. one of our friends here had an asking gig of their on where they got to play a role in an acting show. do you remember your lean line? >> something about -- i don't remember it. >> i wish we had a clip inform we saved that clip, liz, that would be so nice to able to see that. >> wicked games. >> how exclusive are we talking? >> i love it. >> did you get paid to that gig. >> yeah. >> tony and i shared coffee. >> you actually got to get out to lie. >> i went out to l.a. and played the scene. wicked, wicked games. show must be showing some. where a got a resuddennual check last year and it was like $1.56.
6:52 am
>> you have a better agent than i do obviously. >> thank you. it was great stuff. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab and we'll try to answer it for you. >> let's head out to julie wright and see how the rooted are looking. julie and tucker and i need an agent too. >> we need an agent. >> an agent. >> then you got to pay somebody el 10% to do the work can you do on your own. >> i got a check for a buck and a half. >> that is looking like a true union girl. we've got a lot going on. a building fire in northeast wash is tying up new york avenue in each direction right now between bladensburg road and west virginia-montana. if you are coming inbound, they were allowing traffic to travel through the parking lot just after bladensburg road. we're in thquite sure while they were allowing the traffic to do that. it is blocked off in each direction between bladensburg road and west virginia-montana. you want to stick with rhode
6:53 am
island avenue and use that as an alternate. keep in mind, during the middle of the day, they've been doing a lot of roadwork along benning at eighth street. that might be a bumpy ride for you but at least it is open. new york avenue traffic will be blocked off. traveling south on 270, lanes are open out of germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. we're on call this morning. new moms in this current are you are getting older. the government says the number of women 35 or older giving birth for the very first time has increased dramatically over the last 40 years. in 2006, one out of 12 first born babies had mothers would were 35 or older. in 1970, only one out of 100 babies had mothers that age. coming up xt hour, it was all about peace, love and music. and now it is 40 years ler.
6:54 am
woodstock in the past but still in the present. the legendary music festival's influence still having an impact. >> holly is live down at the museum with a look he exhibit that is proving how the media changed the event as we know it. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getay. ♪ nd yr way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-ass rides astound. start at ♪ [ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through ♪ music and dancealling you ♪ just need that mountain grown lift ♪ ♪ before you share your gif ♪ ♪ now there's rhythm and sound ♪ making their hearts pound
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♪ [ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through music and dance calling you ♪ ♪ just need that mountain grown lift ♪ ♪ before you share your gift ♪ ♪ now the's rhythm and sound ♪ making their hearts pound
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♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's same street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this thursday we are going back in time. 40 years to be exact as we are live at the museum for the new exhibit called woodstock at 40, the rise of journalism -- the
6:58 am
ruiz of music journalism. 40 years ago. you can believe it was 40 years ago? if you remember it? then you probably weren't there. it was a very influential even in our history, especially when it comes to journalism. because for the first time the journalist acknowledged the interest the music had on culture and that's why the museum has come up with this wonderful exhibit. and we'll talk about the person that put it together and there is a photographer coming out to talk about his pictures since he was there. and we're going to make love beads, tie dies and maybe a protest or two. >> that's a wonderful museum. people are shook up in
6:59 am
memphis. thousands of elvis fans will make the pilgrimage to graceland to commemorate -- commemorate his death. he died august 16th, 1977. another king honored yesterday, billy jean king was among 16 people to seven the -- receive the presidential honor. also civil rights leader reverend joseph lowry, president obama said in a moment when doubt prevailed, excellent is still possible. and that will do it for the 6:00 hour. time to say good morning to claudia who is here for the next 2. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, a toxic chemical dating back to world war i is unearthed in a d.c. neighborhood so why weren't neighbors told until days later. we're live with what officials ha

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